Sandy Brittain Bio

Sandy Brittain, a dedicated artist whose love for her craft has grown with her education and experience in the world of art, was born in 1946 in Marion, Indiana and educated at the University of Colorado where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.  Since 1978, she has honed and developed this interest into a full-time career in Photography and Fine Art. Her love of the Southwest brought her to Tucson, Arizona where she makes her home with her husband Bill and her dog Olivia the Norwich Terrier.

Sandy enjoys the freedom of experimental work using collage, acrylics, pastels and/or watercolor to express her journey of discovery.  Her paintings reflect her interest and ardor for the mountainous regions of southeastern Arizona.

She is an Agave Signature Member of the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona and a Saguaro Signature Member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild.  Sandy exhibited in Colorado starting in 1981 and also taught Contemporary Art History at the Rocky Mountain School of Art.