Harriet Hason


The visual arts have always been a passion and focus of my life. Born and raised in New York, I graduated from Pratt Institute where I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees in art. I continued my post graduate education and received a certificate for school administration and supervision from the University of the State of New York. After a successful and fulfilling career as an arts educator and arts coordinator in New York, I moved to Tucson, Arizona and began to focus my energy creating my own art work. The same voice I used to guide and motivate others to their creative potential became Hugh Cabot Gallery Tubac, Arizona Absolutely Art Gallery Catalina, Arizona Toscana Gallery Oro Valley, Arizona. The sculptural figures, relief pieces and vessels are created using a variety of clay bodies and are completed with underglazes, glazes and mixed media. Most come to life with color, subtle gesture or exaggeration of form. the voice I called on for myself. The vibrant colors and spirituality of the southwest was a source of motivation for my drawings and paintings. Next I began to integrate the spirit, color and energy from places I traveled, including Africa and South East Asia into my paintings. I found many common design elements wherever I was and brought them back home to my work..

Several years ago I gave myself "permission" to return to ceramic clay and the world of three dimensional art. I love the immediacy and process of moving the clay to form my figures, both human and animal. My current pieces are spiritual figures adorned with patterning and surface texture.  They display a reference to world cultures and religions. The pieces also provide me with a drawing and painting surface, satisfying my love of detail work.