Dyan Nelson

Growing up in Colorado, Dyan Nelson was surrounded by mountains and snow. Today she lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona surrounded by the desert. The dual contrasts of these environments are expressed in her art. She uses her glorious sense of color to communicate her message. Many of these messages are rooted in Apache ancestry. Dyan believes that each image speaks to the viewer in spontaneous way. Each image lies within the soul of the artist and the soul of the viewer. 

After discovering art at an early age. Dyan focused her studies in Europe, where she was captivated by the museums and fascinated by the style of Toulouse Lautrec. It was then that she decided to paint on Belgium linen which feels the tighter weave and permits more detail and brillance. Currently she is working in oils and mixed media which includes beeswax silica sand, oil acrylics and gold leaf. This approach allows her to build in multiple layers and to express complex images.

The experience of brush-to-paint on canvas takes a moment to express but lifetime to learn, Dyan Nelson wants to share her creativity and experience with the world.

Dyan Nelson's work is hung at various locations including the Tucson Museum of Art, The Mayo Clinic, Lexus of Greater Chicago, The San Francisco Giants, Corporate Office, and State Farm Insurance. She has had group and solo exhibitions in Scottsdale, Sedona, Denver. Santa Fe, Dallas and other locations.