Ambrosia Adams

Pamela Ambrosio & Joan Adams

Tucson, Arizona

We began making mild steel metal art in April 2017.  Pamela is a metal and mosaic artist whose art is influenced by her travels in Asia, Europe and South America. Joan had a career developing new technologies. Missing the design of new products, she partnered with Pamela to design, engineer and produce beautiful metal art.

We are passionate about metal art and bring together our unique talents and experiences to design, produce and sell stand-alone, 3-dimensional mixed media metal sculptures.  Mixed media (e.g., paint, glass, mosaics, stones, horns) are incorporated into the metal art. Soft metal materials (e.g., copper mesh) are used with strong structural metals (e.g., mild steel).

One of our first sculptures was a juried piece at the 2017 Joshua Tree National Park Art Exposition. In 2019, we were selected to participate in Sculpture in the Park, America’s Largest Outdoor Juried Sculpture Show in Loveland, Colorado.  We have been featured in the Tucson Lifestyle Magazine and Voyage Phoenix, an online publication.  

We are inspired by nature and our travels, and we are driven by passion. Our designs are simple, compelling, suggestive, and a bit whimsical. We hope our art brings a smile to your face and makes your heart sing!